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  • Beth - Home school mom
    “We've been so thankful for this program and we continue to use it often. My son had to do a puppet show for Royal rangers and we used GT to make the background scenery. He is also very interested in magic tricks and we have used the program to make graphics to spruce up the homemade props.”
  • Chris - Veterinarian and home school mom
    “THANK YOU so much for creating your tutorial videos. After watching them, both my 13 year old daughter & I were excited to work with Graphics-Toolbox. She keeps saying the possibilities are endless and can't wait to keep learning more. I believe anyone interested in providing their kids and/or themselves an open doorway into the world of technology and computer graphics should check this out for themselves.”
  • Sean - Public Relations
    “As someone who uses photo editing software, I would say that this program does with ease some of the most complicated editing that professional photographers do. The potential is incredible!”
  • Maria - Telecommunications Consultant and Mother
    "Graphics-Toolbox is a wonderful tool for all types of projects. It has helped my son with enhancing the quality of his school projects. I use it for work related reports as well as personal projects, such as creating invitations, cards and scrap booking. This tool is versatile, easy to learn and enjoyable for all ages. It creates professional looking documents that will impress your clients or friends."
  • Sara - Home school mom
    “Really – honestly, it’s a very simple program to use. With minimal understanding of how graphics work, you can do some pretty fancy shmancy stuff. If you wanna raise your game a few notches, this is the way to go about it. The tutorials available for GT are phenomenal. Not only will you learn how to manipulate images, but you’ll pick up some technical knowledge as well.”
  • Cheryl - Nurse
    “I absolutely love this program. It's easy to use and the finished products are very professional looking. I can't believe I actually made them myself! As a pediatric nurse, I don’t have artistic training, but I’ve already used Graphic Toolbox to retouch some old photos and to create my own announcements and invitations.”
  • Grace - age 11 Student
    “Graphics-Toolbox is awesome! I love all of the things you can do like: scrapbooking, school projects, card making and all of the ribbons and bows. It is the best program!”
  • Sheri - Home school mom
    “What I can tell you is that so many doors of possibilities beg to be opened with the use of the Graphics-Toolbox program. I plan to continue to further explore this, so that I can create more personal lapbook components, history visuals, and especially to make creative workbox materials to use in our daily homeschool adventures.”
  • Sandy - Optician
    “I am having so much fun using GT. I can't keep away from my computer. I have been very involved in scrapbooking for years, and Graphic Toolbox has added a whole new dimension for me. I feel like a have found a hidden treasure.”
  • John - age 11 Student
    “I like using this tool for my school book reports. It is easy to learn and use and it really helps me get a good grade. I like that you can bring in pictures from the Internet as well as your own pictures to make your report look very neat and well written. I am looking forward to using it for all my reports as well as other school projects.”
  • Beka - Home school mom
    “Graphics-Toolbox has a plethora of neat functions. One of my favorites is the Color Library: There are limitless color possibilities, and colors are grouped, so you can rest assured that any colors on a particular sheet will "go" with one another. No more guess work for the color deficient!”
  • Wendy - Home school mom
    If you are a scrapbooker or blogger, you will love Graphics-Toolbox! If you are in business and need to make flyers or brochures, you will love Graphics-Toolbox! If you are a mom who wants to make invitations or cards, you will love Graphics Toolbox. If you are a student who would like to make funny or mixed-up photos of your friends, visual aids for classes, or even illustrations for book reports or term papers, you will love Graphics Toolbox…
  • Ali - College Teacher
    "As a first year teacher, having Graphics-Toolbox has really transformed my fashion trend analysis project. The students are using GT as a career-enhancing opportunity to help them sell their ideas. Graphics-Toolbox gives them the hands-on experience they find in a professional setting and they are capitalizing on it to aid in their development toward internships and job opportunities!"
  • Jessie - Senior Flight Attendent
    “Graphics-Toolbox has allowed me to edit all my pictures to make my ‘Facebook’ profile look a lot more fun. The tools are straight to the point and can be picked up in no time at all, even with no graphics skills. It’s Great !!
  • Rich - Engineer
    “My wife got me looking at Graphic Toolbox. I'm self-employed and GT has allowed me to develop my own marketing and presentation materials. By doing my own graphics, I save money and get exactly what I need to represent my company.”
  • Barbra - QVC Scrapbook Designer
    “I love my new Graphic Toolbox! I am an avid scrap booker, who's tired of always having the wrong color in my current embellishment I tweak it in GT and there I go...perfect coloring every time with the unlimited color choices. Also, I love importing the digital kits pages rock now!”
  • Tim - age 7 Student
    “I love the way I can move pictures around, change the colors and type in cool ways in Graphics-Toolbox. I like to draw mustaches on people sometimes too. It’s awesome!”
  • Anne - Teacher and Mother
    “Graphics-Toolbox is a phenomenal program that lets me use cutting edge graphics both in and outside the classroom. Its uses are endless and it surpasses any computer educational program that I have seen. It is also great for personal use such as designing my own letterhead and scrapbook pages, and creating posters for my fundraising causes.”
  • Derrick - Retired Executive/ Amateur Photographer
    "I am a very good photographer and I use Graphics-Toolbox to remove the background when recovering old portraits. It is the easiest way to go because the tools are fast and give me the effects that I want."
  • Colin - age 10 Student
    “I love Graphics-Toolbox, because it makes school projects fun. I also love the grades I’ve been getting since I started using it!”