See How It Works Downloadable Projects

To help teachers and homeschool parents create valuable projects with their students, we are continuing to develop downloadable curriculum project kits that can benefit a variety of subjects and age levels.

The kits include the step-by-step instructions and all the files you need to create these dynamic and educational projects.

These ideas should be the starting point for you. Once you create these projects your own creative juices will begin flowing and you can apply your Graphics-Toolbox skills to enhance your existing curriculum programs. Have fun!

  • This is My Book! was developed to encourage creativity and stimulate research on your favorite subject – You! It is a fun, informative project for children, but also a wonderful project for adults. Different ages can approach it with different levels of detail. The project is intended to inspire reflection on your life and you can choose to use all of the pages or only the ones that are meaningful to you. Consider creating one as a gift for someone special! We hope that it will be a starting point and that you will continue the book as far into the future as you would like. Life is a work in progress; we hope this book will be too!

    The kit is available as a downloadable zipped file. The kit includes:
    1. The complete book in 2 formats:
    a. Each of the individual pages in PCX format, which can be opened in Graphics-Toolbox, where photos, graphics, borders and text can be added creatively. b. PDF form for users that want to print out the book then color and glue photos and images by hand.
    2. Complete step-by-step instructions showing examples of completed pages.

    Single User Price - $29

    Group pricing available – as low as $2/user for classrooms. Please contact or 845 278-4240 for more info.

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  • The Exploring Famous Artist project kit can be used by teachers of all subjects. The approach here is to give the students the skills they need to report on their research in several valuable media forms.

    After using the files and templates we provide to learn the steps for this project, an English teacher could have her students follow the same steps for their research on authors or a character in a novel. For social studies it could be used for explorers or presidents. Music teachers could assign composers or influential musicians and so forth. Download the project and see how Graphics-Toolbox software and this kit can enhance your lesson plans and prepare students to present their knowledge in valued formats.

    Included are the files, templates and finished samples of a poster, PowerPoint presentation, tri-fold brochure and trading cards about Claude Monet. Download this kit and have fun learning!

    Single User Price - $39

    Group pricing available – as low as $2.50/user for classrooms
    Contact or 845 278-4240 with questions on group pricing


  • This valuable project can be created as shown or it can be divided into more than one project. Within a classroom, students at different learning levels can work on the same project, but do 1, 2 or all 3 components, depending on their capabilities.

    They will naturally choose different colors for the map and keys and therefore all their projects will look different and display their individual creativity. All students will feel proud of the final outcome.

    Combining Graphics-Toolbox with this great hands-on visual-learning kit will color their interest for Social Studies and ensure they learn more about Colonial America in the process!

    Once this project teaches you to work with maps, keys and time lines in Graphics-Toolbox, use your new skills to enhance other Social Studies curriculum material.

    Single User Price - $29

    Group pricing available – as low as $2/user for classrooms
    Contact or 845 278-4240 with questions on group pricing




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  • Corinne - age 16 Student
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  • Ali - College Teacher
    "As a first year teacher, having Graphics-Toolbox has really transformed my fashion trend analysis project. The students are using GT as a career-enhancing opportunity to help them sell their ideas. Graphics-Toolbox gives them the hands-on experience they find in a professional setting and they are capitalizing on it to aid in their development toward internships and job opportunities!"
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  • John - age 11 Student
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  • Beka - Home school mom
    “Graphics-Toolbox has a plethora of neat functions. One of my favorites is the Color Library: There are limitless color possibilities, and colors are grouped, so you can rest assured that any colors on a particular sheet will "go" with one another. No more guess work for the color deficient!”
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