Creative Creatures

17 December 2010

Color. Creativity. Imagination. These wonderful characters were created by a 9- year old boy using Graphics-Toolbox. With the fun drawing and coloring tools he was able to vividly render his imaginary beings. He was new to Graphics-Toolbox, but quickly started freehand drawing and experimenting with filling solid and gradient colors, expressing his own personal artistry.He created and saved each one individually, but now there are so many things that he can do with them! The images can be saved as Jpeg files and printed like photographs at home or by professional photo labs.

Combining them, like shown here, can make a great canvas print for a family room, playroom or bedroom.

Individually, they make great note cards - imagine each one on a separate card with a different color border! Great gifts for friends and family. See some samples below.

If he made a few more, they would make a great calendar. The files could be uploaded to any of the popular photo services that make personalized calendars.

They would also make great t-shirt graphics. Use ink jet t-shirt transfer paper and print and iron them on at home or use a great professional service like Millennium Graphics which will print your artwork onto shirts and more for as little as $10-15. Contact them directly at