Heaven - Personal Expression

17 December 2010

You have probably thought about it. You may have discussed it with your family and friends, maybe not, but what does Heaven mean to you?

We can only imagine and it is such a personal image. Is it angels and chocolate cake? Billowy clouds and sunshine? God on a throne surrounded by his devoted. If so, what does God look like: the classic image of an old man with the long white beard or a more personalized vision? Are all the best things from Earth in Heaven? And more?
It can be fun to think about and equally fun to illustrate. The 6th Grade CCD class at St Lawrence O'Toole Church decided to bring their thoughts to life. They used Graphics-Toolbox to create collages of what Heaven means to them. It was eye-opening and inspiring to all of us. We'd like to share them with you. Enjoy!