A Tribute in Pictures

11 November 2010

Being part of a team is a valuable childhood learning experience. Some students are involved in one sport, others many. Some teams rarely win; others win championships. Winning, losing, feeling the pressure at bat and on the mound, all the emotions that surround the competition prepare kids for the challenges that they will encounter throughout their lives. Capture those emotions with Graphics-Toolbox!


Sporting events can be hard to photograph unless you have a camera with a fast shutter. Even then, it can still be challenging to frame the action perfectly. Using Graphics-Toolbox to crop photos to use only the best parts, resizing them for impact and creating a collage is a great way to memorialize a game or a season. Notice the picture of Anthony in the top right. He was cut out from the original photo, enlarged and positioned so that it looks like he is looking at the other photos. His mom is proud of him and his team, and it shows!