Blog Headers

04 November 2010

Bloggers love how Graphics-Toolbox helps them enhance and personalize the look of their blogs. Designing new headers, manipulating their photos and customizing images of all kinds allows writers of all genres to entice the public to read their message, by making a visual impression first.

This blog header was designed by a home school blogger. Let’s let Susan tell you more:

“Did you notice my new blog header and background? I’d been thinking about giving myself a new look for awhile, and I had a bunch of digi-scrap elements I liked, but, I’ll be frank, I’m definitely not a graphic artist. That’s where Graphics- Toolbox comes in. Graphics-Toolbox is designed with the average person in mind. I could easily write a book on GT and still not cover all the different features, so I’m going to concentrate on a few of the key features that really distinguish this program from others I’ve used. The zoom and pan functions are awesome and nearly seamless. The irregular cropping tool works great with the zoom and pan. Brilliant color! GT also has a massive color library to choose from. GT’s “tonal color change” allowed me to tweak the colors until everything meshed together. I love the precision it gives me. I can pair the zoom with the crosshairs mode and get exact placement for my elements. I could go on…I haven’t even scratched the surface…but I think you get the idea. This is an extremely versatile program.”