Who Am I?

11 November 2010

"Who am I?" Think of how many times we ask ourselves that question throughout our lives. We can be introspective and analyze our deepest feelings or we can have fun with it like Chris did.


Teachers inspire kids to think about themselves (a student's favorite topic!) and a recent 7th grade health class assignment was to create a collage showing "Who am I?". Instead of making his mom dig out a stack of 4"x6" photographs and trying to fit them onto poster board, Chris was able to use digital pictures that were already on their computer. He resized and cropped them his own way: allowing him to ultimately use 16 photos -big, small, rectangular and square. Blending photos of family, sports and pets with graphics of education, the school mascot, basketball and football gives us a real sense of who Chris is. And he sized it to be 8" x 11" and printed it on their home printer!

No last minute trips to the store for poster board or frantic photo developing and what a great keepsake for Chris. It fits easily into a scrapbook or memento box or he can hang it on the wall in his room. When he gets it back from his health teacher, that is - with the "A" attached!