Literary Elements

11 November 2010

We have featured many projects where students have created dynamic homework assignments using Graphics-Toolbox, but teachers use it as well to prepare more personalized and effective posters and learning aids for all core curriculum subjects.


This poster was created by a 5th grade Language Arts teacher to help her students recognize the Literary Elements in Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. She wanted to focus on the 5 literary elements and then highlight examples.

By finding interesting images like the" Emotional" doll face and the "Mental" thinking frog, she gave the students a visual connection for what might otherwise have been an abstract concept. The playful images help the kids remember the elements too; memory retention is far greater when images are added into the learning process.

She used color to differentiate the elements and just as the literary elements overlapped throughout the story, she overlapped the colored boxes, wordlessly making that point. The large hatchet image and the effective title graphic complete this great teaching aid. Thanks to her clever approach, her students will no doubt remember the literary elements of Hatchet for a long time to come.