Summer Vacation Timeline

11 November 2010

What did you do for your summer vacation? The question is coming, are you ready?

For decades teachers have greeted their students in the fall with this famous question. It is usually posed as a writing topic and the students use this opportunity to introduce themselves, their family and their interests to the teacher and the rest of the class. There is also historically a certain amount of groaning in reply to the query, since most kids have short memories and imagine that their own summer must pale in comparison to that of their classmates.

Now, look at this sample summer vacation timeline. It is easy to see why students love to illustrate their lives in Graphics-Toolbox. Using photos and color, they can recreate their special moments and add their own creative flare to the assignment. In the process, they are learning to create timelines which can be useful in future science and social studies projects. Once this timeline is completed, the student can take one event and write about it, sharing more specific details.

There is no end to the creativity that flows from Graphics-Toolbox users. Join us and you'll be ready when the inevitable question comes.