Experiencing History

11 November 2010

For this project, we will let the creator tell you about it!

“The problem with history is that it is, well, something that has already occurred. So trying to get a child to become truly ‘involved’ in it, can be a difficult challenge indeed. By using Graphics-Toolbox, and a bit of one’s imagination, you can draw (quite literally) the child into any time in history to create a memorable report cover, picture for a lapbook or notebooking page, an entertaining picture for a scrapbook page, or even a center piece for a history display board.

After watching the extremely helpful video tutorials, I was able to go into my Graphics-Toolbox program, pull up 3 specific pictures: one taken from the road in front of the house, one of the waxy version of George mounted on his stuffed horse, and the third of my family standing or sitting upon a tree that George had planted there on the estate. The Irregular Frame, Copy, Resize, Move, Rotate, Clone, Text and Ribbon features in Graphics-Toolbox afforded me the opportunity to put to paper what was in my head and create the final almost-real snapshot of our experience.”


- Sheri Hagemann, home school mom