Elements of Art and Design

04 November 2010

Line, shape, texture, value and color.

Working and playing with the elements of art and design are a fun way to express your ideas, your emotions and of course, your creativity! Designing with Graphics-Toolbox doesn’t always mean creating a practical project like a homework assignment, business presentation or party invitation. Sometimes just playing with the functions to see what happens inspires new ideas and hones new skills that the more structured projects wouldn’t elicit.

This fun graphic was created by 9-year-old Christopher when he was just playing around at his Graphics-Toolbox computer. He started creating hollow rectangles in an overlapping pattern. When his teacher saw what he was doing she encouraged him to keep going. Once he had laid out a balanced formation of rectangles, he filled the boxes with the shading function and had fun with value and color. When he was all finished, he used the original hollow overlapping pattern and placed it on top of the colorful version to give the image great dimension.

Balance, harmony, repetition, variety and Graphics-Toolbox.